FPV Hangar

To give you an idea what to build, here's my curret racing and freestyle setups. The list isn't complete, as I usually have 2-3 spares and some variants for freestyle with different motors etc. Unless specifically stated, all rigs use TBS Unify HV or Unify Race VTXes.

Rotorama Samurai

I have fallen in love with the new category of superlight 5" frames. They are trickier to fly because of the super sensitive throttle response, but with a good throttle curve/expo and enough practice it's possible to live with. Why would you fly something that's harder to control? It's super locked in, it stops on a dime, but most importantly the components are almost half the price as power setups. To keep up with my efficiency, people have to fly 1800mah packs on 4S. I fly 1000mah. The quad is 300g like your regular setup. But with battery :) If you ever flow simulators, this is a bit like that. It just floats in the air if you cut throttle, so you have to have an extreme camera angle and push it everywhere. It flies differently, but I enjoy it. As for durability, I don't think it's any different to heavy sturdy frames. The thin arms do delaminate eventually but generally the lower weight more than compensates the less rigid structure.

Size: stretch 5"
Purpose: Fast and agile racer.
Motors: Rotorama Katana 2204/2700kv
Receiver: TBS Crossfire Nano
Flight Controller: All in one Omnibus F3 with OSD and 30A blheli_s ESCs
Controller FW: Betaflight 3.3.3, Download Config Diff
Props: Geprc 5040x3, Dalprop Cyclone T5051
Power: Acehe 75c 1050mAh 4S, Turnigy Grahene 1Ah 65C 4S
FPV Runcam Racer or Foxeer Predator Micro
Weight (with battery) 320g

Red20RC BDX Racer

I've got 4 BDX Racer quads for freestyle. Mostly 5", running the oldschool red bootms and the new 2205S variants. I do have one 6", but it's not getting much action lately. The frame is a beast, sadly discontinued.

Size: 240mm
Purpose: Freestyle
Motors: emax 2205/2300kv red bottoms or the later 2205S variant
ESCs: KISS 24A, DYS XS20A with blheli-s
Flight Controller: Spracing F3, Omnibus F3, Omnibus f4, Furious Fortini f4
Controller FW: Betaflight 3.5.0 Download Config Diff
Props: HQ 5x4.3x3 V1S
Power: Acehe 75c 1300mAh or 1500mAh 4S, Turnigy 1300mAh 65c 4S
Board Camera: Foxeer Predator Mini, HS1177
HD Camera: Gopro Session 5 or Hero6 black

Rotorama Split Pearl

The goal of the split pearl frame was to provide the smallest and lightest possible rig for the RUncam Split HD camera. Even though it only sports 2" props, it actually screams thanks to the Brotherhobby 1402 8100kv motors. On 3S it's a blast, but I am still looking for +- 500mah packs that can deliver the amps.

I've flown this rig in places I wouldn't dare to fly a 5" but even the 3". It is noisy at full throttle though ;)

Size: 2"
Purpose: Guerilla FPV
Motors: Brotherhobby R3 1402/8100kv
Receiver: Frsky XM+
Flight Controller: HGLRC Micro F4 + 4in1 HGLRC 13A blhelis ESCs
Controller FW: Betaflight 3.2
Props: Gemfan 2035-4
Power: SLS 500mah 3S
FPV Camera: Runcam Split 2
Weight (with battery) 144g

Rotorama Spirit

Surprisingly durable minimalistic 4" and 3" frame for racing. I've been running it on HQ 4x4.3x3 v1s and 550mah 3S. To my surprise it handles a Gopro Session very well even with that miniscule battery. I've been using it for travelling since. I can share the batteries between this Gopro beast and the tiny Split Pearls.

Size: 4"
Purpose: Indoor Racing & Travel
Motors: Brotherhobby Tornado 1407/3600kv
Receiver: Crossfire Nano
Flight Controller: HGLRC Micro F4 + 4in1 HGLRC 13A blhelis ESCs
Controller FW: Betaflight 3.5.1, Download Config Diff
Props: HQ 4x.3x3 V1S
Power: Acehe 850mah 3S, Infinity 550mah 3S
FPV Camera: Runcam Micro
Weight (with 550mah battery and Gopro) 287g