Faster Faster Faster

May 13 2016

The more experienced we get, the faster we want to go. Not long ago we were “whizzing” through parks on our 5030 3S 25C zippy batteries and felt the adrenalin pumpin’. Well at least I did. Watching the videos I made now makes me giggle. Hi KV and increasing number of blades, blade surface and pitch is the game.

I’ve joined the hype train and got myself 2600kv red bottoms. They are great motors. But after a while I realized that that extra oomph comes at a price. My Redrotor OSD is showing 95A compared to the 70A on my 2300kv red bottoms at full throttle. And to be honest, the track has to be really stupidly straight and open to allow that top speed to make a difference. Slowing down at the right time and finding the right apex at 75% will cost you half the amps and make you feel like a pilot. Coming into a corner like a rookie and blasting your way out at 100A is just not cool.

So I'm taking the 2600kv off of my 2nd #bdxr in favor of having 2 identical setups with 2300kv motors.

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They like it. #lipo #torture

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So now I’ve “downgraded” my red bottoms on my BDX Racer to 2300kv and practice my flying, rather than one-upping everyone with a more hungry setup.