Flying Indoors

Dec 1 2015

Although there wasn’t much snow yet, flying conditions in winter are becoming less and less ideal. I did purchase a nice lipo heater and a radio glove from Hobbyking, but if it’s too windy or constantly raining, there is no other choice but to fly indoors. Last Saturday we went to a great indoor gokart place in Prague. It’s quite large, definitely a lot large than the parking lot based one in Liberec (and looking like a race track rather than a parking lot ;).

We wasted a bit of time setting up frequencies and only had an hour to fly, but those few minutes were truly adrenalin pumping. I no longer tilt my head flying fpv much, but in here I was leaning my whole body. So many bends! I started off with the swh250 on 4s and king kong 6040s, my favorite setup. The quad flies so locked in, it’s beautiful. Did about 4 laps and started to become familiar with the track. The fastest lap was about 37 seconds. Then I moved on to my Blackout, where I have just replaced the ztw18a escs running blheli 14.2, because there seems to be some issue with betaflight. Ran kiss 18a on them, but didn’t have a chance to tune it, so it actually oscillated on full throttle (violently ;). Even still, 36 seconds after 2 laps. We started to have some nice chases with David, so I brought out my secret tight space weapon, the SWH170 Kermit. I had to fly without the Foxeer cam, as the 850mAh battery started beeping right off the start, but once I flew bare it was a dream. 33 seconds is the current fastest lap time.

When I tried to beat that I hit the ceiling on the far corner and bent the motor shaft again. Also bent the bell on another motor right after that, because the extreme vibrations actualy made the camera loose. Not the whole camera in fact, just the front element of the lens. Suddenly my picture changed into a colored blur and the glass fell off. The Sunnysky 1306/3100kv motors run great, but you just can’t hit a hard surface with them. I have t-motor 1804/2800kv on the way to try and I’ll also give the 3100kv 1306 by t-motor a go as soon as they restock.