Fixing ImmersionRC Transmitters

Nov 20 2015

As someone who crashes quite often, I have to deal with antennas ripped out of the VTX including the SMA connector. The same question repeats every time I post an image of the fixed VTX on my Instagram, so here’s a quick howto fix your ImmersionRC transmitter if you rip out the solder pads on it. It seems to be 95% of how people “destroy” them. I hope you haven’t thrown yours out yet.

Ground/shielding wire on top and the middle signal pin on the bottom of the vTX.

All you have to do is solder a bit of wire from the middle pin, right onto the tiny resistor that you can track on the pcb. The ground wire is just as easy, on the flip side, right next to the heatsink there are three solder pads. Pick one on either side and wire it up onto either side of the connector. I also recommend giving it some extra gluegun treatment, as it’s unlikely this was your last crash :) Be sure to make the wires as small as you can make them as you lose power on the unshielded pathway.

A photo posted by Jakub Steiner (@jimmacfx) on

A photo posted by Jakub Steiner (@jimmacfx) on

You can also solder a shielded cable right onto the VTX and put it in the middle/top of the fram ala the Vortex, lowering the chances of hitting the groud with the connector again.

I received the tip from Eckscam, so props to you, sir.