Need 5S

Oct 24 2015

The benefit of having many quads is that there’ never a downtime, you always have something to fly. The downside is that each quad feels a bit different and you never get a chance to really unite with the quad. That’s why serious racers actually build two of each.

I intended to do that with the SWH250, but I was offered to test the Bush Hunter upgrade so I diverged the two quads. I struggled with the DYS SN20A ESCs, burning one t-motor in the process, so I decided to go all in on the Bush Hunter. I wasn’t flying the gopro on my racers, it always went onto a gimbal of the Xu Gong or the Tarot. But I have to say, the superview and shrapness of the Gopro really makes the vids much more enjoyable. I ended up getting the awesome KISS 30A ESCs, that are quite big, but the reasoning was to eventually go 6S.

SWH250 on 4S (with some Blackout on 3S and Vortex 4S thrown in)

The 2206/2000kv motors are actually rated 3S by the manufacturers, but long time veterans were telling me they run them on 6S just fine. Is 6S crazy? Well I certainly will have to reevaluate what kind of props I’m running, because the carbon mix gemfans did just fall apart on 4S before. Carbon Fibre it is I guess. And don’t get me wrong, it’s all about where you fly. In a park, 3S 5040 Blackout has all the speed I need. But some long stretches and open fields just scream for going insane.

I promised myself to go 6S in 2016, but I’m thinking I’m ready for 5S in 2015 already :)

Manure pose. #swh250 #bushhunter

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2 batteries clearly weren't enough. 4 more and I'm alright for today.

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