Skate Park FPV Race Prague

Oct 18 2015

On Saturday I took part at a racing event at the Mystic Skate Park in Prague. It was my third competition this year (and in fact, ever) so it’s kind of rad to see familiar faces and knowing who’ll kick my arse this time.

One of the things that was being tested was an automatic lap tracker. Each of us had a transponder that consisted of what I assume was an IR LED of sorts that was somehow uniquely tracked by the rod placed on the finish line. Sadly there were some issues with the software and we ended up competing for fun. But fun’s alright with me :)

I had a blast, learned a few tricks, got some ideas what to buy and mostly learned that tight spaces really need you to work on the weight. Power won’t get you far if you have too much mass to drag around the corners. The Kermit really shined, until I crashed and bent the shaft of the sunnysky 1306 motor (the DAL 4045 prop didn’t break ;).

Ooooh 😮 #robodrone #stvanice #fpv #race photo by Irena Jungmannova

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